The market for communication services using the Internet is growing.  Navig is a unique player in a market where the competition cannot support “total personalization”.  Navig is a Montreal-based computer service company that, across Canada...

Navig project development and project support are always benefit-oriented.
The IT-based needs of an enterprise or those of a community focus on services as well as internal and external relationship links.  As such, requirements in communication are various.  Navig understands...

Navig Communications has the experience to install commercial and public surveillance systems.

Live (24/7) or motion activated cameras, online monitoring or recording systems, on-site or by remote access interfaces, Navig aims, through integrated and comprehensive service, to ensure a...

The Navig Focus

Navig offers beginning-to-end strategic tech solutions that support enterprise business processes.

Navig’s macro-analysis approach to tech support is affirmed by the many years of positive results of our team members.  We offer people-...

Our team  shared their professional experience and acquired practical knowledge while industriously working, directly or indirectly, with the following entities: Abitibi-Price AeroSoft Systems Air Canada Alcan Canadian Tire Centre Hospitalier d’Youville CIBC Coach...

Featured Products

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View some of our previous projects such as our Booking Tool for travel and entertainment, and our Data xChange application (RADCom) for the airline and healthcare industries.

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Smart Antenna, City WiFi