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The market for communication services using the Internet is growing.  Navig is a unique player in a market where the competition cannot support “total personalization”.  Navig is a Montreal-based computer service company that, across Canada, also serves the small and medium size Wi-Fi prospects.
Contact : wi-fi@navig.ca


  • Internet deployment in commercial buildings
  • Deploy and manage Wi-Fi installations
  • Deploy virtual (VPN) environments
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  • Microsoft and Linux administration
  • Vendor products evaluation and comparative analysis
  • Install commercial, business and personal hardware and software
  • Develop and deploy user-managed web site
  • Install hotel video security systems
  • Plan and optimize energy management systems (EMS)
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  • Tech support with service level agreements (sla)
  • Monitoring and remote access services
  • Tech support for nonprofit organizations
  • Develop air travel booking engine
  • Develop hotel booking engine
  • Deployment of travel booking terminals
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Not only Technology networks ... but also Enterprise networks


Featured Products

Contact us to learn more about our unequaled Super Wi-Fi vendor products and solutions !
View some of our previous projects such as our very early Booking Tool for travel and entertainment, and our Data xChange application (RADCom) for the airline and healthcare industries.


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Specialties :
WiFi Equipment, Offload,
Smart Antenna, City WiFi