About Navig Communications inc.

The areas of Navig's valued experience are many.  Let us share them with you.

The Company
Navig Communications Inc. is a federal incorporation that has been operating in the province of Quebec for over 10 years. During these years, Navig selected and met those challenges in technology that have marked the telecom industry, by adapting personalized state-of-the-art solutions for clients of different business practices.

The Commitment
Our firm has also taken on various community projects and we feel very proud to have contributed and generated innovative solutions and thought-provoking concepts.  We strongly feel that integrity and trust are the key to our success. We believe in these values and practice them on every development project.

The Philosophy
We pride ourselves in understanding the problems and opportunities that exist within the industry. Navig continually strives for excellence and we demonstrate this in all of our services.  Our clients are our partners - we are dedicated to their needs.

Navig has worked in collaboration or in partnership with large corporations as well as with smaller enterprises and non-profit organizations to support and to realize their IT corporate vision.


Featured Products

Contact us to learn more about our unequaled Super Wi-Fi vendor products and solutions !
View some of our previous projects such as our very early Booking Tool for travel and entertainment, and our Data xChange application (RADCom) for the airline and healthcare industries.


WiFi Technologies

Specialties :
WiFi Equipment, Offload,
Smart Antenna, City WiFi