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A8 A8 Super WiFi Base Station

Support WiFi signal coverage in 360 degree with radius of 500 m NLOS (non line of sight).

High throughput, scalability and enterprise class network.

Lowest cost per subscriber when covering the un-served area.

Rapid deployment and flexible antenna configuration.

Can be deployed in conjunction with other wireless solutions (i.e WiMAX/3G) sharing the same site.




A8-E Super WiFi Base Station

The Altai A8–E has been designed to provide industry best coverage and capacity without complicated networking protocols or the need for a high density of transmitters.

The multi–beam antenna array of A8–E is designed to provide up to 5 times the range and 25 times the coverage as traditional AP.

It provides low deployment cost and fast provisioning of WiFi systems with the greatest coverage and bandwidth per installed base station.

The A8–Es can be co–located to provide bandwidth up to 162 Mbps per site within existing micro–cell areas.

 A8-Ei Super WiFi Base Station

Newly developed ALL-IN-ONE system including base unit, antennas, and external cables in one panel.

Eliminating RF cabling works, fast and simple deployment.

Up to 95% installation site saving.

A8-Ei's can be collocated at one site sharing the same mounting pole and power supply with 3G base station.

Suitable for wireless DSL, mobile data offloading, mobile Internet, hotzone and long range private network applications such as airport, cruise tourist information, offshore telemetry etc.

B5 Wireless Bridge

B5 is designed to be used in Altai Super WiFi systems to provide carrier-grade ultra long range and high throughput backhaul bridging.

Configurable 4.9 to 5.8 GHz frequency band

Possible operational distances in excess of 80 km.






A2 A2E WiFi Access Point/Bridge

Built-in 2.4Ghz high gain panel antenna for high capacity directional AP applications.

External 5GHz high gain panel antenna for long range throughput PTP/PTMP bridging.

2x2 MIMO for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz radios.





A2 WiFi Pico Access Point

Low cost pico access point to expand the aggregate network capacity under the coverage area of A8 WiFi Cellular Base Station.

Ideal for extending WiFi coverage or filling in coverage holes in challenging RF environments.

Can be used as a standalone access point for campus area coverage.

Support standard 802.11b/g access and 802.11a backhaul radio.

Light-weight and weatherproof design with built-in lightning protection.

U1 U1 Super WiFi USB Client

Extend outdoor WiFi coverage of Altai Super WiFi System into indoor areas.

Features built-in for carriers including client performance statistics.

With powerful built-in antennas, the U1 WiFi client can be used to improve the link budget by as much as 16 dB.

The best data transmission rate and throughput available by using 802.11b/g/n radio.

Powered by laptop using an external USB cable.

C1 C1 Super WiFi CPE

Extend outdoor coverage of A8/A8-Ei Super WiFi Base Station into indoor.

It can be operated as outdoor/indoor customer premises equipment (CPE) or access point (AP).

Improve signal strength in both LOS and NLOS areas and hence higher throughput possible for clients terminals.

Simply power on and the C1 will automatically associate to pre-configured SSID.


AWMS Altai Wireless Management System (AWMS)

The AWMS is a centralized management tool that allows operator to perform remote configuration and administration of all WiFi elements within the network.

Management functions included system configuration, fault management, performance monitoring and network security.





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